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Gary Schoeny

We have always enjoyed skiing in the winter at Canaan Valley, West Virginia.  We talked about how it would be great one day to open up a small Gourmet Coffee Roastery.  We are “true” coffee lovers who enjoyed researching a great deal about coffee and the roasting process.  We thought that when we retired from our professional positions we would do something we were both passionate about.  I worked as an Information Technology Manager for a large company, and Mary Ann worked as a Administrative Assistant/Contracting Officer for a government law office. 

In April of 2003 (4 days before Easter) while still in Charlotte, Mary Ann was driving home from work in rush hour traffic and was in a severe car accident.  She was in the right lane when a construction truck carrying 7, two hundred and fifty pound roof trusses, swerved causing its load to shift.  The trusses hit the rear of her Trailblazer while spinning around the trusses were banging the side of the car then spun around and hit the front driver’s window by the front windshield post.  She was told that 2 inches either way it would of killed her.  The double impact caused her to have a traumatic brain injury.

Mary Ann was unable to read complete sentences or walk (without assistance) for about 4 to 6 months.  She was told that the pathways in her brain had been damaged.  She suffered severe headaches when trying to do or listen to anything.  Test results showed that Mary Ann had a “traumatic encephalopathy”; recovery at that time was unknown. 

  Because of this, Mary Ann was no longer able to work at her position with the government.  
Her healing was going so slow...I knew it would be a good time to resume looking for our dream of opening a Gourmet Coffee Roastery. 

 In the designing planning stages…Mary Ann would dream of what the coffee shop should look like.  I tried to build just as she described to me.  It has been a long process of trying to put the Café together just right, but we are both please with the outcome.  You can find the finished pictures at www.happytrailscafe.com.

In the fall of 2004 our Gourmet Coffee Roastery opened its doors…it was awesome to receive the great reviews.  Our dream of having a Gourmet Coffee Roastery had come to be. We were told by our customers how the atmosphere made them feel so much at home. Customers shared that they were able to feel the love that has built Happy Trails Café.  We still laugh of the stories our customers tell us about seeing Mary Ann , and how they enjoyed talking with her.   

 A few years ago we had to close the “eat in” portion of our café…it was very difficult for me to take care of her and stay open for “walk-ins” full time.  Mary Ann has to rest after each task in order for her pain to go away. 

  Additionally, our coffee is being sold in several restaurants, convenient stores and Coffee Shops.  You can find us on FACEBOOK 
 We both hope you enjoy our coffee and we look forward to doing business with you!  

                                 "Our Coffee will warm you...our Love will warm your heart!" ™ 


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